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Side profile of adult male California sea lion.

Adopt-a-Seal® - Silent Knight

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Silent Knight's Story

Named for his regal demeanor, this California sea lion was the victim of an intentional act of human violence. Shot in the face and left for dead, he had at least five buckshot fragments in his head and damage to his mouth and jaw. Our veterinarians provided the critical care he needed to recover from his life-threatening injuries, but his wounds left him blind. Once healthy, he was sent to the San Francisco Zoo, where he thrived for the rest of his days.

After several years as an educational ambassador, carrying the message to treat all creatures kindly, Silent Knight passed away, likely due to cancer. We hope that Silent Knight's story will continue to inspire love for wild animals and greater stewardship their ocean home.

Adoption Details

When you adopt this past patient, you'll receive a personalized 7in. x 5in. physical adoption certificate with the animal's photo and story on the back. Your symbolic adoption will make a difference in the lives of current and future patients.

Shipping included!

This is a physical product that will be mailed to you and does not come with a digital certificate. For downloadable Adopt-a-Seal® options, visit our Digital Downloads page!