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Closeup of harbor seal pup with fish in its mouth.

Adopt-a-Seal® Woody - Exclusive Digital Download!

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2018 Patient of the Year Nominee

Harbor seal pup Woody was rescued from what would have been a sad fate. She was found motherless and starving—with no way to get the nutrition she needed.

At the Center, she was tube-fed a nutritious formula to help her grow strong and gain a healthy amount of weight.

During “fish school,” when harbor seal pups learn life skills, Woody wasn’t as interested in the fish as her pen-mates were. As other harbor seal pups learned skills like competing for fish, Woody would watch them or play with the fish.

But once Woody had her “light-bulb moment,” she started to eat the fish and not just play with them! Just a few weeks later, Woody was ready for her second chance out in the wild and was released with other young harbor seals.

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This is an exclusive digital-only Adopt-a-Seal®. When you adopt this patient, you’ll automatically be able to download your adoption certificate, which shares this patient's photo and story.

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