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Side profile of large fur seal.

Adopt-a-Seal® - Inky

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Inky's Story

Northern fur seal Inky was rescued weak and starving--although you might not have suspected it since he was admitted at over 215 pounds!  Inky is the largest northern fur seal ever admitted to the Center, but still weighed about half of what he should have as an adult male.

Lab results confirmed out veterinarians' suspicion that Inky was suffering from domoic acid, a potentially deadly neurotoxin.  This toxin can also affect humans who eat contaminated shellfish, though marine mammals are often the first to be impacted.  By caring for patients like Inky, our scientists can alert authorities when we see an outbreak and help them better protect human health.  

Thankfully, Inky came into our care before significant damage, and we were able to help flush the toxin from his system by giving him fluids and fish free of domoic acid.  After being granted a clean bill of health, he was released back to his ocean home with a second chance.

Adoption Details

When you adopt Inky, you'll receive a personalized 7in. x 5in. adoption certificate with Inky's photo and full story. Your symbolic adoption will make a difference in the life of a marine mammal like Inky!

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