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California sea lion in water.

Adopt-a-Seal® - Bonsai

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Bonsai's Story

Marine Mammals don't typically rest with their flippers folded tightly against their abdomen.  In fact, this position is a well-known sign often indicating an animal is suffering from leptospirosis.  So when California sea lion Bonsai was found curled up like this, he was brought straight to our hospital.

Our veterinarians gave Bonsai antibiotics, fluids and other supportive care needed to treat leptospirosis, a potentially fatal bacterial infection of the kidneys.  You may have heard of this disease because it can infect humans and dogs.

But by treating patients like Bonsai, our experts gain a clearer understanding of leptospirosis, which helps better protects marine mammal health and human health alike.

Once Bonsai made a full recovery, after about a month of rehabilitative care, he was released back to the wild with a second chance at life.

Adoption Details

When you adopt this past patient, you'll receive a personalized 7in. x 5in. physical adoption certificate with the animal's photo and story on the back. Your symbolic adoption will make a difference in the lives of current and future patients.

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This is a physical product that will be mailed to you and does not come with a digital certificate. For downloadable Adopt-a-Seal® options, visit our Digital Downloads page!