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"Say Goodbye to Plastic" book cover, in dark blue and tan-brown, depicting a whale and some single-use plastic items.

Say Goodbye to Plastic

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By Sandra Ann Harris, founder of ECOlunchbox
With foreward by Dianna Cohen, Plastic Pollution Coalition

About 80% of trash found on beaches comes from single-use "disposable" plastics like plastic bottles, takeout containers, utensils, bags, and wrappers. These items pose a deadly threat to marine animals.

You can help stop plastic pollution at its source by committing to plastic-free habits. In this practical guidebook, author Sandra Ann Harris, eco mom and founder of California-based green business ECOlunchbox, walks you through various ways you can reduce or eliminate plastic from your home and lifestyle.


  • Hardcover, 192 pages.
  • Recommended for high school and up.